Essay on Is Appeasement Right or Wrong?

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Is Appeasement Right or Wrong?

In Britain, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain had devised a policy of "appeasement" (meaning his tactic of consenting to Hitler's demands over Czechoslovakia in 1938) it aroused much controversy at the time and still does today.

Germany benefited greatly from the appeasement as it allowed them to rearm. Britain and France thought that if they appeased Germany, then the Germans would become a little friendlier towards them so they cut the Germans a little 'slack'. However by appeasing Germany, they let her rearm therefore pose a threat to themselves and others.


In January 1933 Hitler tried to rearm Germany, however The Treaty of
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However France objected to this but Britain argued that by appeasing Germany, she would feel less threatened and at risk

RE-OCCUPATION OF THE RHINELAND ==============================

'We have no territorial demands to make in Europe…Germany will never break the peace'.This was part of the speech Hitler made in March 1936, to the Reichstag, which stated the re-occupation of the Rhineland. Hitler was completely wrong in saying that he would never break peace, as it was majorly disturbed by his second act of opposing the treaty of Versailles. However this time he did not just oppose it but he tore it up. He was also wrong in saying there are no territorial demands to make in Europe when he knew that invading Poland/Czechoslovakia were his long term plans.

Hitler sent troops into the Rhineland in March 1936, forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles, it was said to be a DMZ (De-militarised Zone). Hitler was looking for a response by the allies however they did nothing. If Britain was to respond there would have been a battle, which was the last thing anyone wanted.

In November 1936, Japan and Germany signed a treaty aimed at preventing the spread of Communism. In 1937, the Germany-Japan

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