Essay about ‘Is Apple an Ethical Organization?’

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Apple has achieved great success in the last 15 years with a market capitalization of over $500 billion which has made it the world’s most valuable and profitable business. It has achieved excellence through use of latest technology and innovative products making it much profitable than its competitors. However, it has been questionable whether the profits are made ethically (Apple Inc, 2012). In the recent past has been criticized for behaving unethically and not demonstrating true corporate social responsibility on their part. Popular media and business release had found Apple behavior much inclined towards unethical means. The company has been continuously criticized for issues like taking unfair advantages of its market…show more content…
CONTROVERSY ON GOOGLE VOICE: Apple was criticized by its users for preventing iPhone users for using the Google voice application as it disabled the feature from its phones justifying that the application altered the function internally which was later proved wrong and the feature was made available from November, 2010 thus showing unethical behavior of the company towards its uses. I-TUNES CONTROVERSY: Apple Inc. was caught in online sales of music in the European Union where consumers could purchase from any member state. Apple however, forced consumer to i-tune sites only which forced consumer in some countries to pay higher prices (Global Compliance Workplace Network, 2012). This was clearly an unethical practice by the Apple who even after being caught for the same somehow was able to prove itself clear in the eyes of law. HIGH PRICES: Apple in many circumstances had taken unfair advantage of their dominant market share and created more of monopolistic market environment. It had deliberately in spite of low production cost due to its outsourced manufacturing units in China charged higher prices for its products specially in Australia and Asian countries just to higher its profit figures without considering the ethical norms of best prices for its products had looted the general customers by making a lower supply of its products as

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