Is Apple’s Strategy Evolving? Essay

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1.Is Apple’s strategy evolving?
Yes. Apple started out a very small company just like any other. In its early years they were some of the leaders of innovation in their industry however, they were behind the competition in many of the early stages of their life. They were responsible for things such as the first color display, and the user-friendly graphical user interface. Apple followed a broad differentiation strategy. This allowed them to compete in a wider market of products while keeping loyal customers due to their variety of specialization of their products. In the early 1980's, Apple was focused on personal computers. Other devices such as notebooks, and tablet computers, which didn't become powerful enough to be popular
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2.What are the key elements of Apple’s strategy in computers, personal media players, and smartphones? Have its strategies in its core businesses yielded success? Explain.
Apple's main strategy was innovation. They had research and development working around the clock developing products tailored to specific individual's needs. They had a different computer for each type of consumer, a different media player, as well as smartphone. Their goal was not to be the best at one individual thing, but to be a serious competitor in every market. This field is constantly evolving due to consumer demand as well as increases in technology and new innovations. Another key strategy here is brand loyalty. By making their products so unique and compatible it created a halo effect. Customers have been switching all of their electronic devices to Apple's line after having just an iPhone or even an iPod media player. Many though Apple's premium pricing was going to keep them behind in the game although that didn't seem to be the case. Even though Apple was charging significantly more than their P.C. counterpart, they managed to keep a top seat in the market. Apple's iPod was so game breaking that iPod became the generic name for media player throughout the world. They weren't
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