Is Art A Universal Language?

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Art is a universal language. It allows people to express themselves through splashes of color, meaningful narratives, and soulful lyrics. Each piece of artwork gives an outlook into the past. Through the ages, artists have relayed their history through drawings, paintings, architecture and sculptures. There have been a significant number of creative movements throughout the years, but there is only one that truly expressed the hardships faced in the United States. Having been researched and debated about among many scholars, there is no definite beginning to the start of this revolution. Some state that it began during World War I when the country was fighting alongside of the other Allies. Some say that the movement started during the Great Migration when all of the freed African Americans moved into the North for better living opportunities. The Volstead Act and the creation of the Broadway play Shuffle Along were also considered in being one of the sparks for the artistic revolution. Since there was no definite beginning, there was also no set end to the movement. The three main events that could have been the downfall are World War II, Prohibition, and The Great Depression. Again, no one knows for certain when this creative movement happened, but it can be approximated between the years 1916 to 1940 with its location being in Harlem on Manhattan Island in New York City. This time period was a major development in art due to the fact that it allowed African Americans to
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