Is Art For Me?

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Art, for me, is as much about context, message and story as it is about aesthetics. In a sense I believe that works of art that tend to depict social or political issues that are rooted in a particular culture are of high value. In this paper, I aim to introduce an artist whose works have been called obscure, deemed controversial and faced resistance by the society in which she produces her art. I will be comparing her works with several artists we have discussed and read about in the lectures.
As a female born and raised in Turkey, I grew up in a society that has strong cultural taboos on nudity and images that depict sexuality in general. Just as the majority of the rest of world, the Turkish culture is based on the ideas of a patriarchal society. Words that we would hear so regularly, such as decency, shame and obscenity are all defined through the female experiences. The society has its own perceptions regarding how women should act or what they should do with their bodies. Although these stinging ideas are lessening, many women still get oppressed and struggle to find their place within the society and the world. Some brave artists are revolting against these systematic thoughts of oppression through their works. I discovered the contemporary Turkish artist, Sukran Moral’s works a few years ago. She’s an artist who addresses and questions the society’s structure and its treatment of women. As we were going through the chapter on Sexuality and Reproduction in the course…

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