Is Art Fundamental for Children?

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“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”-Andy Warhol. For so many years now, it seems as if everyone is trying to change something, for the simple reason that its not relevant to what is acceptable in “societies standards”. I find this to be true in the way art is being weaved out of the whole school curriculum, because its not up to status with being academically successful with standardized testing. What about just letting a child have an imagination? Art is so important for a child to have in their everyday life as a learning tool. For instance, if a child didn’t know what a circle or square is, then they wouldn’t know how to identify basic shapes in the math subjects, such as geometry once they reach high school level. It even suggested that “the art education program may provide more opportunities for students to actually apply mathematical concepts”(Finnan-Jones as cited in Locker, L., Naufel, Z.K, Rosier, T.J, 2013). The longer students are involved in visual arts the more complex their artwork becomes the greater chances they will progress in math, science, and English subjects in their academic career. Remarkably,“surveys have found that 93% of Americans do feel that arts are a virtual terms of contributing to well-round education” (Ruppert as cited in Locker, L.,Naufel, Z.K, Rosier, T.J, 2013).This suggests that art in itself improves a child's attitude towards school in a positive outcome in
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