Is Art Is Not Full Proof?

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This method of using these components to decide what is art is not full proof; there may be exceptions to the established criteria. But this is not a unique problem to art; there are exceptions in any field you look at. For example, in the rules of writing and spelling almost every language has exceptions to the general rules of how the language works. However, society still values these rules and finds them useful. The same is true with art. We can make general rules as long as we acknowledge the exceptions and as long as there are not too many of them. The subjectivity of these exceptions, however, seems to be what keeps many from committing to this theory. People want clear cut answers to the question what is considered art. They want…show more content…
Human creativity is one of the basic elements of art. Our creativity is one of the things that set us apart from animals. This is the broadest of the three components to the definition of what is art. For something to be considered art there has to be a creative aspect to it. Even though this is a very broad topic, we can still narrow down the list of things that are potentially art. We can eliminate reproductions of art, as art. An example of this is the Mona Lisa. While the Mona Lisa is undoubtedly art, pictures of the Mona Lisa, or reproductions of it are not are because they do not have a creative component to them. While they are pictures of art I would not consider them to be art, because they are merely copies of the original piece of art. There is no significant difference between the pictures and the original work of art. While one can consider the pictures to be authentic replications of the Mona Lisa that does not make them art. One common rebuttal to this theory is that, because it is the same image and that there are some creative aspects to taking the picture that it is art. However, this is not art, because the new artist did not implement their own significant creative twist. Because of this distinction we can also rule forgeries out as pieces of art. Forgeries, or items that are being passed off as an originals, are not art because they have stolen someone else’s work. They did not come up with it on their own, but instead took someone
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