Is Art Majors A Discourse Community?

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Art majors are faced with many ideologies and goals when starting out. Understandably, due to the varying types of emphasis that the University of Arkansas provides in its art program; studio art, visual design, photography. Studio Foundation, the entry level year long course hits on all of these aspects. Due to this course those students that once had nothing in common now all need to reach common goals. According to Swales this group of students do not meet the criteria to be a discourse community. Though their various TAs of the course do make up a discourse community. After observing these two groups it becomes clear that even though the Studio Foundation group is not a discourse community they do emulate one. With guidance from the TA discourse community this group of entry level students learn the need to intercommunications work towards common goals. Working just as a discourse community would. Group of highly educated individuals make up the TA discourse community within the Studio Foundation course. Providing assistants to a growing group of artist, not just individually but as a whole group. Giving them fundamental knowledge to aid them when will create or become apart their own Swales approved discourse community. The functionality of the Studio Foundation group challenges that of a discourse community, and with the help of TAs this novice group is continuously developing in the criteria set up by Swales. Since the beginning of the 2014 fall semester I have
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