Is Artificial Intelligence Becoming Mightier Than The Human Intelligence?

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The human mind is the most complex part of the body of a human being. Intelligence is defined as the mental ability to reason, solve problems and learn. The cognitive ability of the brain changes through variations in the environment. The human brain has evolved over time hence an opportunity to improve the intelligence of the human species. The evolution of language is the most qualitative change of the conscious brain that differentiates us from other creatures. John McCarthy defines artificial intelligence as the science of engineering intelligent machines. Artificial intelligence was discovered in a bid to increase computational power with emphasis on problem solving to resemble a human brain. There has been major research on whether artificial intelligence can surpass the human intelligence. Some researchers claim that it cannot whereas others are of the thought that artificial intelligence can exceed the human brain activities. Though this debate brings about many ethical questions, it is important for the human race to explore the possibilities of artificial intelligence becoming mightier than the human intelligence.
Can It Ever Replace The Human Mind?
Daniel Crevier argues that it is possible to directly copy the brain into a hardware or software and that this simulation can be identical to the original. This observation is as a result of the Dartmouth proposal which states that a machine can be made to imitate intelligence. Artificial…
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