Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

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“There are voices in my head telling me what to do!” a boy exclaimed. He is an interesting second grader whom I have been working with at Prairie Elementary School for one year. He has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and has a complicated family; mother and father are divorced, his father resides in another state, and his mother’s boyfriend is in prison for gang-related activities. His mother often yelled and cursed at him, telling him he will inevitably fail in life because he always misbehave and rarely pay attention in class. After meticulous research, observations, and interviews with this student, I designed a course to help improve the quality of his school life which directly increases his motivation and perform in class.…show more content…
Over the years, I have worked with different groups of people — high and low-income families, students from grade school to college, and various ethnic groups such as African Americans, Asians and English learning Latinos/as. All of the groups I worked with have one thing in common; they are either affected by someone who has a job or are affected by their own job. Therefore, organizational settings inevitably affect everyone’s life directly or indirectly. When I lived at home, my parents’ jobs satisfaction affected my everyday life. I undertook an honor’s thesis specifically to investigate how family environment would affect student performance in school, since students’ work environment is school. I used parental attachments to assess family environment because children with good family conditions are likely to form secure attachment to their caregivers. I surveyed 205 college students and measured their attachment to their mother/mother-like figure, father/father-like figure and best friend(s). I then controlled for motivation achievement because even if a child is gifted he/she may do less favorably than a child who is not considered gifted but has a motivation for success. Lastly, I used grade point average to assess academic achievements in college. I hypothesized that when motivation is controlled for, secure attachment will positively predict academic
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