Is Beauty A Mathematical And Non Mathematical Context?

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1. Introduction
For this assignment we were asked to create an artwork that portrays beauty both in a mathematical and non-mathematical context. We could do range of things as long as it had a mathematical background concept.

We were given a lot of freedom to pick a topic of our choice, and for this I especially wanted to do something that was related to music. For this report, the main topic will be ‘Frequency, Pitch and Harmony’; this report will explain the maths behind this, how sound waves are connected, Pythagoras and his involvement and a brief history of maths and its link with music.

2. The Maths Behind The Music

2.1 What is music?

Some consider defining the word ‘music’ quite hard, since many people have different opinions on what ‘music’ is. Personally I consider music a combination of organised sound, that someone enjoys listening to. Although people may disagree with that, saying all music must have rhythm, melody and harmony, you could say that music is all about opinion, even its definition. But for someone who wants a proper definition, music is defined by The Oxford Dictionary as being “Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion.”

2.2 Where is the link?

Now we know there is a link, but the question is what is it? Well it’s is all in the sound. Music is made up of sounds and sound waves, but not all sound waves are the same, they
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