Is Beauty Actually The American Dream?

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Is Beauty Actually The American Dream? Most of society have goals and aspirations, or something that gives them drive to move forward. Americans say that we can never have too much money, education, power and even beauty we either want to be beautiful or want a partner who is. Could we really be that shallow? and not know it or is it we just don 't care. .American Beauty intent is to display the lifestyle of middle class suburban families, and the different conflicts each household goes through like; how parents aren 't really apart of their teenagers lives and the different struggles not only parents, but what people go through. The film captures issues like depression, self hate, discrimination and how tangible midlife crisis can be. Some people can 't fathom how a person can experience a midlife crisis, to actually regret the way they 've lived out of the blue, have emotional and self confidence issues. Honestly, a midlife crisis can become a matter of life and death. The main character in American Beauty is Lester Burnham a 42-year-old husband, father and advertising executive. Lester has a loathsome marriage with his wife Carolyn, a hungry realtor who feels that she failed at achieving her potential and later starts an affair with her adversary in real estate. His 16-year-old daughter Jane is despondent and straining with self esteem issues. Lester admits to being uninteresting and a loser. When he goes to see
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