Is Being Gay A Choice Or Nah?

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Is Being Gay a Choice or Nah? “According to the APA today, there is little scientific consensus about the exact factors that cause a person to be gay, but most people don 't experience a choice about their sexual orientation.” (Megan Gannon) In our society, arguing about whether or not a person was born homosexual is very common. You have people who claim that homosexuality is something that person chooses to be, and then you have people who claim that homosexuality is something that they were born to be. There are so many different views on the argument biblically, scientifically, and even morally. Although each side has their views on the situation, and no matter if scientists find that homosexuality is something people are born with or not, it’s not going to change homosexuality in the world. There will always be homosexuality, heterosexuality, asexuality, and so forth. Will figuring out if there’s a gene actually make that much of a difference? The problem in figuring out if being gay was something that a person is born with or not is that it will most likely take a lifetime. There are so many different facts and statistics on both sides and really they could go back and forth forever. The biggest problem within the argument is that the people arguing against being born gay are mostly heterosexual people and homosexuals are arguing against it being a learned choice. Although there are many different statistics that can make both sides strong, its truly just a “my word

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