Is Big Brother Watching You

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Mark Horton
EN130.1.1 English Composition II
Assignment 7 Argument Essay

Is Big Brother Watching You

Employers want their employees to feel safe at the work place. After all a safe, happy worker is a productive worker. Today companies spend millions of dollars annually on security systems and security guards. Some companies even check the purses and bags of its employees as they enter and leave the workplace. Many employees feel that this is necessary. However, we see companies all across America cross the line with surveillance and invasion of privacy in the work place. If a company truly checked applicants thoroughly would there be a need for such extensive work place surveillance.

The company
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There should not be cameras inside the building which do cause employees to feel as though they are being watched. Surveillance cameras should be used to survey the outside of the building for the safety of the employees coming in and going out. Everyone feels that their privacy is sacred and should not be invaded. When a company hires you a background check, reference check and employment history check are completed. The company should enough about you without using cameras within the work

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