Is Biodiversity Loss Important?

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Do I contribute to biodiversity loss? Is biodiversity loss important to me? Biological diversity underpins the earths structure and survival encompassing all plant animal and microbiology species (UN, 1992). Biodiversity is currently being lost at an alarming rate - with current rates of extinction being 100 times the background rate (Stork, 2010), which has consequent effects on other life on earth, disrupting eco-systems and environmental relationships. This raises social, economic and political issues, while concurrently human population increases urbanisation and demands on food and energy risking habitat and environment for species to survive. While conservation strategies work to try to alleviate this ultimately much of the success of these projects will ultimately rely on individual’s involvement and support – the gravity of the situation is further highlighted with more extensive and advanced species documentation. This essay will consider two important questions in respect of my personal views on biodiversity and consideration of whether I contribute to biodiversity loss and if biodiversity loss is important to me. Do I contribute to biodiversity loss? There are many ways in which humans contribute and cause biodiversity loss and homo sapien dominance over most the globe (Johns, 2010) is considered a primary driver of the 6th mass extinction. Personally, directly and indirectly my lifestyle and choices influence biodiversity loss in many ways that I do and
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