Is Bioinformatics A Multi Disciplinary Field?

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Bioinformatics is a multi-disciplinary field which involves health information technology to improve the efficacy of health care by incorporating better quality, efficient and new technologies. Health informatics is an amalgamation of various disciplines like information science, computer science, social science, management science, behavioral science and others. There are various sub categories in health informatics like the “clinical informatics, pathological informatics, pharmacy informatics, public health informatics, community health informatics, home health informatics, nursing informatics, medical informatics, consumer health informatics, and clinical bio informatics” [1]. In the last 40 years, bioinformatics field has grown beyond imagination and agencies like agency of healthcare research and quality (AHRQ) has supported in improving the health care field [3, 13]. The field has made a significant impact on improving the quality of health care and patient safety, efficient detection of diseases, managing patient condition, reducing medical costs and minimizing the impact of bioterrorism. In the recent years, with the advancement in digital field, storage systems and network tools have become more efficient whereby the tasks carried out in computational biology has become less cumbersome. Storage, computation and analysis of data are no longer restraining factors in life science research [2]. Traditionally the process of storing, retrieving and analysis of patient…
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