Is Birth Order Important?

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The first born is a perfectionist and does fairly well in school. The second-born is rebellious and yet extremely sociable. Finally, the baby of the family is always in the spotlight and extremely charming. Another family with two parents and three children notices similar qualities in their children. It is no coincidence that these children have similar personality patterns. Every birth order has a certain personality that is caused by the influence of parents, siblings, or their mental standards for themselves.
Personalities of first-borns are mostly affected by their parents and the high standards that they set for themselves so they strive for success and perfection in everything they do. Parents play an important role in a first-born’s life; this is explained by personality observer, Robert V.V. Hurst when he remarked, “Since the parents invest a lot of their ego in the first-born, they view this child’s behavior personally.”(31). This causes first-borns to desire to please their parents which explains why many first-borns excel in school and tend to be conservative in their beliefs (Hurst, 29). Parents typically expect a lot from their oldest child. They are expected to participate in the family and be an example for their siblings (Leman, 92). This expectation creates a sense of responsibility and reliability found in many older children (Hurst, 29). However, first-borns can be taken advantage of and people rely on…

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