Is Black History Month Being Honored Correctly Essay

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In the month of February, African Americans have the privilege to reminisce and honor the people that stood up for the rights and citizenship for black people. Some people take it as a time to condemn all Caucasians for the harsh treatment the African Americans received on the road to success. I am satisfied with the African American race for constantly instilling the people with information about how they had to fight for freedom, but should that be all they discuss during Black History Month? Many argue that the Caucasians should feel bad and go into hiding during Black History Month because of what their ancestors did and only talk about how they enslaved the black people and didn’t consider them as humans. I disagree, in order to fully …show more content…
They didn’t witness what transpired, when it transpired, nor how it transpired; therefore, why get emotional and distraught about slavery. Slavery was a dreadful time; conversely, proper education of slavery will reduce perplexity. As years continue to proceed, African Americans has became indolent when it came to the exhibits of black history. Nobody every takes the time to encounter more data about the wealthy black ancestors that came from the ancient kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai in Central and West Africa. It seems as if African Americans only want to show people the negative aspects of being colored. Many that are against a wider variety of information on black history believes that discussing the adversity that blacks endured during and after the seventeenth century is more important than teaching about how blacks were superior people before the slave trade. If people are only taught the defective materials, that can play a major role in how they view the other ethnic group and how they view their self. The Black History Month timeline is immobile after the 1960’s. The term history is defined as the past events of a period in time or in the life or development of a people, an institution, or a place. History doesn’t only mean what happened hundreds of years ago, history is what occurred in the past. The last

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