Is Blackberry A Dead Company?

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Is Blackberry a Dead Company? In 2007 Blackberry, previously known as RIM, harvested it is success in the technology business and was named the most valuable company on Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) surpassing $67 billion in market capitalization (1). The company was a smartphone manufacturer leader and competed against fierce competitors such as Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and others. Blackberry had a competitive advantage amongst these competitors especially in the business smartphones market. Its competitive advantage was in the secured systems that blackberry offered for business. Blackberry provided high secured platforms for governments especially in North America. Competitors are trying hard to enter this market. (2) Samsung has been trying to promote its dubbed Knox enterprise solution. Samsung provided tremendous resources to promote its dubbed Knox. However, Samsung has struggled to gain traction and has yet to announce any prominent clients for its Knox services. (2) In 2008 Blackberry stock hit $149.90 but its stock crashed with the financial crises and its stock tumbled to low levels of $50 a share. Since then the company struggled to keep its revenues and market cap as high as it used to be coupled with internal problems such as its directors scandals, incompetent products, late releases of new version of smartphones, and thousands of employees’ laid off. The stock price of the company tumbled to lower than $6 a share. The company was sold at a value of $4.7
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