Is Bonjour And Sellars As A Type Of Propositional Knowledge?

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Foundationalists believe that belief itself may be self-justifying or infallible.
In this case, foundationalism can be seen as a type of propositional knowledge, which is often contrasted by the theory of Coherentism, that being each belief is justified by some further belief(s), which in turn may justify the belief, this argument is prone to circularity. Upon inspection, it is important to note how internalism and externalism may play into foundationalism. Internalism notes that the agent possessing justification must be aware that they are possessing said justification, whereas externalism holds the idea that you need not necessarily need to know about potential systematic deception, as long as you are aware of the result of deception. With regards to justification in foundationalism, internalism/externalism may be used to argue that we may be incapable of true perception of the foundational truths, as we do not harbour the correct mechanisms for understanding them in an objectively justified way. BonJour and Sellars are known anti Foundationalists, using logical attacks against foundational concepts. Alternatives like the doctrines of Coherentism are commonly used replacements of foundationalism. Its advocates accept foundationalism on the principle that clear sets of epistemologically basic propositions must exist, or else the process of justification will always result in Agrippa’s Trilemma justify foundationalism; the result of the latter being either an infinitely
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