Is Borderline Personality Disorder? Essay

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This article will examine the benefit and indications of applying one of a contemporary organized psychological theory to a patient that the writer has already worked with as a summative case study. A brief history of the patient ailment which is borderline personality disorder (BPD) will be discussed as well as treatment plan and choices in accordance with a chosen psychotherapy (mentalisation base therapy MBT). The author will legitimize the purpose behind the chosen treatment and conclude his discussion. For Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC, 2012) policy on confidentiality, the patient under discussion will allude to as 'K '.
The rational for the chosen psychological therapy for K was of the way that, the author read about Mentalization-Based Therapy as a psychotherapeutic intervention which particularly concentrates on enhancing the ability to mentalize and has been appeared to be viable for enhancing clinically huge and self-reported results for patients with BPD, including lessening recurrence of suicide, serious self-hurt, hospital admission and also enhancing general symptomatology, social and interpersonal working. (Bateman, 2009).
Likewise, the author read that Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is described as instability in interpersonal relationship, self-image and mood, a fast fluctuation between emotional states, impulsive behaviour and an inclination towards self-harm and suicidal thinking (NICE 2009).
Mentalisation based therapy (MBT) is a psychotherapy…
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