Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap Water?

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Is bottled water better than tap water? Have you ever had any concerns about bottled water? Do you think that bottled water is better than tap water? Bottled water is water packed in plastic containers and sold for human consumption (Health Canada, 2013). Currently, the amount of bottled water consumed has increased considerably since many people feel it is safer drinking bottled water than tap water (Parent and Wrong, 2014). According to The Statistics Portal the global sale of bottled water took a leap from 161, 589 to 181, 608 liters from 2009 to 2011. In the United States, each American citizen consumed around 32 gallons of bottled water in 2013, thus meaning an equivalent growth of 15% over 2009 (Statistics & facts, 2014). In fact, due to good portability, bottled water has been helpful in both simple and complex situations such as daily exercises and natural disasters. Even though having those few considerable advantages, bottled water still have been less benefits; especially due to the negative impact in the socio-economic, health and environmental fields.
In contemporary society, bottled water consumption has become more attractive and popular. While in 2009 161,589 million liters of bottled water were sold, in 2011 approximately 181.61 million liters were sold all over the world (Statistics & facts, 2014). In this context, attributing that significant growth of bottled water to commercialization and successful marketing should not be considered a disposable…

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