Is Breastfeeding Better Than Formula Feeding?

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Is breastfeeding better than formula feeding? There comes a point in which a mother has to make a critical decision,whether she should breastfeed or give formula to her infant. These two nurturing ways do have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on what the mother decides to take is what will decide how the infant will develop. This nurturing choices affect the development of the brain and the immune system. Any changes in the baby 's nutrient will have an affect on the infant 's life. What is the best choice and how is it different from the other? If there is a health risk that can be avoided would someone take that chance?
Breastfeeding passes on antibodies to the infant. This allows the infant to be immune to diseases at an earlier age. Babies who are breastfed are less likely to get an infection. Breast milk is an important factor to brain development because it contains the following compounds taurine amino acid DHA ,fatty acid. These advantages of breastmilk are way better than nurturing a baby with formula. Breast milk is more convenient because it is always available anywhere at any time. There is no need for any bottles or a microwave to heat up the milk. One of the most recognized advantage is that breastmilk is free and not expensive as formula. Another advantage of the mother breastfeeding the baby is that the baby is exposed to variety of different flavors from all the nutrients taken from food. The mother also benefits from breastfeeding because most of

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