Is Bridget jones nothing more than Pride and Prejudice in modern dress?

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Love and marriage is the theme of the best selling book Bridget Jones’ Diary by Helen Fielding and the critically acclaimed novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. There are numerous similarities between the two yet they are set in different eras. Despite this, the young women in both texts have to deal with family and people in their social circles pressurising them to meet the ideal man or love interest.
Each story revolves around the main female characters, Bridget Jones and Elizabeth Bennet. In pride prejudice, the financial status of the women was more of an issue when it came to finding an ideal partner, than it was in Bridget Jones’ Diary. The Bennets were not very financially secure, so Mrs Bennet would arrange or attend parties
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Nowadays, this has changed as Bridget's love life with her boyfriend Daniel Cleaver, affects no one but herself and she is not concerned how her relationship with him will affect her parents.
In both texts the men have very high expectations of the women they want to date or court, and seem to disregard women who do not reach these standards. An example of this is when Bridget overhears Mark Darcy talking about her to his mother remarking on how inappropriate her language is and how dependable she is on alcohol and cigarettes. “Mother I do not need a blind date. Particularly not with some verbally incontinent spinster who drinks like a fish, smokes like a chimney and dresses like her mother.” Mark doesn’t want to be associated or fixed up with Bridget as she does not fit his ideal.
Equally, Mr Darcy tells his friend Mr Bingley how outspoken and rude the Bennet girls are, and how he dislikes the family. He makes this known to Elizabeth by refusing to dance with her. “Indeed, sir, I have not the least intention of dancing. I entreat you not to suppose that I moved this way in order to beg for a partner.” Mr Darcy replied with this, when asked if he would like to dance with her.
Mr Darcy feels Elizabeth is of a lower status than himself, and looks down on her for that, in the same way that Mark does on Bridget preferring to keep friendship with his more likely partner Natasha his work colleague.
Bridget feels personally, that she is
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