Is Broadcasting Class Live At Arapahoe Community College?

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Broadcasting Class Live Have you ever woken up late, been sick, or had a flat tire and missed class? Students at Arapahoe Community College currently have a limited amount of resources available when they are absent from class. There are two options to catch up on coursework: getting the information from their peers and meeting with the teacher. However, these options require a lot of effort and are very time-consuming. Student peers are not always available to help and the teacher’s schedule for office hours may not work for the students. With a majority of the student population working full-time and committing time to raising families, these options are a roadblock to the student 's learning. Taking time out of an already busy schedule is the last resort a student wants to take. There must be an alternative to comprehend the material when students miss class lectures. By integrating class broadcasts at Arapahoe Community College, students will be able to attend class virtually; virtual broadcasts will benefit the students financially, academically, and will use the technology to its full advantage. Virtual class broadcasts will allow flexibility to the student 's schedule and will allow them to view recorded lectures on their own time. Students who miss class at Arapahoe Community College, often feel overwhelmed due to the limited amount of resources available. These students mostly miss class for family emergencies, sickness, or making up work for other classes. When

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