Is Buddhism: A Religion Or A Religion?

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It is a common misconception in our Western society that Buddhism is more so of a philosophy than a religion, and that its founder Siddhartha Gautama was simply a person and not supernatural. If my mother were to take this stance on Buddhism and express this to me I would retort her argument with various points as learned in Relistud 2K03. I will seek to justify my stance that Buddhism is, in fact, a religion and that ( from the traditional account of the Buddha Biography) its founder is divine. In this paper, I will look at the ceremonies, practices, and beliefs within Buddhism that make it fall under the general definition of a religion and will analyze the life of the Buddha to gain insights into his supernatural qualities.
A religion is
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In chronological order one can first look at the belief that he is a being that is reoccuring throughout time and has lived many lives of Buddhahood before. His past lives are recounted through many stories such as one found in a Jataka in which a buddha sacrifices his body for a hungry tigress.This notion of ongoing existence is also depicted in Christianity in the sense that although Jesus was born, he had lived previously in the heavens. In relation to birth, the birth of the Buddha was nothing short of extraordinary. Through the traditional account of the Buddha one can see that the Buddha was born from the right side of his mother Queen Mayas. Also the Buddha had the 32 marks of a great man (mahapurusa). In the Buddha’s time newborns were examined for marks that pertain to their future. It is told that Suddhodana ( the Buddha’s father) does not know exactly what these marks mean but simply that they indicate greatness. When the Buddha was brought home to be shown to his ancestral deities it is recounted that all of the divinities fell to his feet and then Suddhodana declared that his son is great beyond measure, the god of those gods and gave him the name “ Devatideva” to indicate this.The Buddha being declared the lord of lords from his bird exemplifies his supernatural greatness, counteracting the statement that he was just an ordinary person as no ordinary person is…show more content…
Further, from the Buddha's past lives and his birth it has been established that there are qualities of the Buddha that make him a supernatural being. That being said if my parents were to state that Buddhism is not a religion and that the Buddha is just an ordinary person, from the information above I would prove to argue my position that Buddhism is a religion and that the Buddha is
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