Is Bullying Okay? : Is It?

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Is Bullying Okay? For several decades, bullying has spread significantly. It has been present all over the world for as long as people can remember. And when technology was released, it created new ways for people to communicate, which made bullying become even worse than before. Adults, teenagers, and children that are all the same are being bullied. Bullying can take form in many different ways, as well as it can affect the victim, and people are also able to stop the behavior. THE TYPES OF BULLYING A bullying victim can be bullied physically by being pushed around on a playground or in the hallways of a school. Spitting, kicking, pinching, and hitting are also forms of physical bullying that may occur during or after school as well (Bullying Definition). Verbal bullying is where the bully is teasing, name calling, or taunting the victim; this can happen on the way to or from school. Children and teens mainly are socially bullied by being left out of conversations, having the bully tell others not to be friends with the victim, or embarrassing them in public (Bullying Definition). Social bullying could occur during lunch, in a class, or while practicing for a sport. There’s actually more bullying in middle schools than there is in high schools; school bullying, mainly happens inside of the school than on school property. Most people that report being bullied, are bullied in school, although, a big percentage of bullying happens outside on the playground or bus
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