Is Buzzfeed A Worldwide Media Corporation? Essay

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Buzzfeed is a worldwide media corporation, popular among young adults, that reaches people through a variety of social media and internet platforms, including, but not limited to, their website, YouTube, Snapchat, and their own app (About Buzzfeed). Their main website has access hundreds of different articles arranged under topics including, “Food,” “Celebrity,” “Big Stories,” “Geeky,” and more. One of their most popular sections is called, “LGBT,” which includes articles such as “Inside the Dark World of Chemsex,” and “27 Important Reminders for Parents of LGBT People” ( While the section is slanted toward LGBT articles, Buzzfeed as a whole contains a plethora of articles covering sex from a highly liberal viewpoint. With a reach so wide, Buzzfeed is, on a daily basis, flooding the internet with their view of sex and how it operates in the world. However, is an online company the place from which someone should base their ideals of sex and sexual ethics? Should sex be treated flippantly enough to simply fill a clickbait listicle? Or is there a perspective that holds sex to a higher purpose and more dignity? In this paper, the topics of marriage, divorce and remarriage, premarital sex, and homosexuality and SSA will be approached and critiqued from a Judeo-Christian perspective. Somewhat surprisingly, the Bible has a lot to say about sex, and most of it is good. In fact, Song of Solomon (also called Song of Songs) is a book that details the good pleasure of
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