Is Cambodia An Exponential Rate?

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The countries I decided to write about are Cambodia (1 least developed country), Brazil (Less developed country) and South Korea (developed country). During the 1980, Cambodia had a population pyramid that looked like a decent pyramid. The sides of the pyramids are kind of curved. This suggests that the rate of birth is growing at an exponential rate. However between the age 20-59, there seems to be less males than females. The 2050 Cambodia 2050 age pyramid starts too look less like a pyramid, and looks like a box with a small triangle on top. This suggests that the people are only have 2childrens per family, just enough to replace the parents. The sex ratio for 2050 Cambodia is favoring the women above the age of 45, especially after age of 70. The 1980 age pyramid for Brazil looks like Cambodia’s age pyramid during the 1980, but the bottom of the pyramid is starting to curve the other way. This shows that the parents of Brazil are starting to have less kids than the previous generation. The sex ratio looks similar, except a little bit more male above the age of 40. Brazil’s 2050 age pyramid shows the population declining. There are more people that are above the age of 40 than the population that are below the age of 39. The sex ratio for 70+, which is the age of 0-34 in the 1980 graph, leans toward the female. Something must have happened to the men. For South Korea, since it is developed country, the only data that are available is after 1991. The 1991 population
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