Is Canada Really A Better Option?

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Higher Scores The country I choose to compare with the United States was one of its neighbors, which is Canada. In lieu of the race for the next President, my decision was simple; is Canada really a better option? I have heard countless people say, “If Trump is elected, I’m moving to Canada,” so I figured it was time to look at the numbers. During my analysis of the two countries, I was not too surprised how similar they were in their raw statistics. There were some differences that I will point out, and it led me to draw a few conclusions on the ‘better’ place to live, especially receive an education. Educating a countries citizen is a paramount goal for both countries. Both countries rank in the top ten for amount of money allocated per student at a primary level with U.S. ranked 4th and Canada ranked 9th. Although there is a significant difference in the amount of my rather than rank with $11,030 spent in the U.S. versus $9,680 in Canada, they remain ranked in close proximity. Interestingly enough, Canada is ranked lower than they United States, 6th and 7th respectively, in graduating students from upper level secondary programs, such as high school or G.E.D. programs (OECD., n.d.). In this case, Canada is more efficient with using less money and getting better results. There can be a multitude of reasons why such as higher expectations, or maybe even a more stringent accountability system. Nevertheless, Canada provides ‘more bang for its buck’ in regards success
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