Is Cancer A Dangerous And Fatal Diseases?

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Cancer is one of the most dangerous and fatal diseases, which is caused by uncontrolled growth and proliferation of cells. Cancer cells’ survival, progression and metastasis are tightly associated with the cellular components. For example, when cells metastasizing, they use cell protrusion which provided by actin cytoskeleton to penetrate the extracellular matrix, they also secrete plasminogen activator to increase protease plasmin’s activity in order to penetrate the membrane. Then some of the tumor cells transfer to another tissue and form metastatic tumor. The specific functions of several cell structures and transporters in tumor cells are discussed as follows.

Lysosome plays important role in cells’ behavior, it not only the degradation and recycle place for cells, but it also associated with cellular processes such as autophagy and signaling. Especially in cancer cells, the lysosomes are greater in number, larger, more active than normal cells. [1] The mechanism for lysosome in cancer cells is that lysosome can release certain cathepsins, which is a kind of virtual acidic hydrolases from tumor cells into the extracellular space, which lead to cancer cells’ progression and death by apoptosis and apoptosis-like pathways. [2] On the one hand, the cathepsins contribute to the degradation of intracellular substrates, regulation and recycle of extracellular substrates. On the other hand, the cathepsins control degradation of secretory proteins by crinophagy and degradation…
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