Is Cancer A Disease?

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Cancer is a disease that is hard to define in one aspect because how it is defined is ever changing due to new unravelings every day, and each individual 's interpretation. Public awareness and misinterpretations make it even harder to define the disease, yet the public is the most fundamental aspect needed to spread knowledge of the impending epidemic and fund it’s defeat. Researchers have been attempting to overcome public speculation and funding obstacles many. To do so, these laborers must redefine cancer, attempt to provide interaction in treatment, continue research such as immunotherapy, duel with grants, work around different regional aspects, and the understand the impact that cancer research could have on other work fields. One of the current arguments surrounding cancer, is that cancer treatment is too severe. Many cancer patients with less severe cases, may stray from cancer treatment due to some of the undesirable aspects of that particular treatment, and as a result, it could potentially have a negative effect on further research. There are many factors that could lead to this, such as the severity of their treatment, the misconceptions of cancer, and the other struggles of receiving cancer treatment. The simple explanation behind the thought is that cancer treatments can and will be used to subdue different types of cancers, and the treatments used for a particular patient’s cancer could also be used for a more severe cancer variety as well. Patients who go

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