Is Capital Punishment Right or Wrong?

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Is Capital Punishment Right or Wrong? One might say capital punishment is morally wrong and inhumane; I strongly disagree with this statement. The crimes committed by prisoners such as multiple aggravated murders, serial rapists, and brutal child molestations is malicious and cold-hearted. These actions deserve like punishments in return. People who do those things have no purpose of being part of mainstream society. Bringing justice and closure to the victim’s family, deterrence of crime, and prison population reduction are reasons why capital punishment is necessary. Death penalty opponents will argue capital punishment is a form of revenge. This is no where near the truth. Fredrick Romano said in a case where Steven Oken…show more content…
In rebuttal, opposition would say the amount crimes decreases is not at all significant. This could not be farther from the truth. Numerous studies have shown that “between three to eighteen lives would be saved by execution of each convicted killer” (Tanner). Saving those that many lives is worth the execution of one, no doubt about it. Putting the innocent people at risk is a high price to pay for protecting a criminal from punishment they deserve. These pieces of evidence back up the fact that the death penalty ultimately provides better public safety. As well as holding offenders responsible for the crimes they committed, and not by any other judgement. Martin Luther King, Jr. expressed the idea in which we “judge not by the color of skin, but by the content of their character”. Capital punishment is an effective way to tell possible lawbreakers these crimes will not be tolerated and will be punished to the harshest extent. The prison crowding in the states is off the roof; California has a total of 150,000 currently incarcerated. This is causing an major effect on the prison health care systems, the prisoners, and the policemen on duty. The conditions were so bad they actually deemed them unconstitutional and also stated they “caused one unnecessary death a week” (Montopoli,
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