Is Casino Gambling A Pastime?

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Casino Gambling This day in age gambling has become a pastime that virtually everyone partakes in at least a few times in their lives. Nothing is quite as exhilarating as wasting some of your hard earned money to have a chance at winning big. This is the premise that many people believe and is partially why gambling and specifically casino gambling is so popular. The topic that I chose to do this sociological episode on is indeed casino gambling. The reason that I chose this topic is because of its ease of access due to my busy work schedule. Additionally, I was interested in finding the age, race, gender, and attitudes of the people around me while I did my observation. Casino gambling has been a pastime for many generations whether it was in the gambling houses of the olden days or the more modern casinos of today. The people who partake in gambling whether it is just some light slots or the more serious games such as poker have always sought to beat the odds and become winners in their own respect. With the information obtained from my observation and my reference article I will provide an overview of Gender Theory. Then, I will provide the data that I observed while conducting my observation. After this, I will provide a narrative about my experience and feelings while doing the observation itself. Lastly, an analysis will be provided based off all material as a whole. Theory There are many theories that could possibly work to explain casino gambling. For the

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