Is Cctv Surveillance Helping to Reduce Crime or Is It Affecting the People’s Privacy in Public Spaces?

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Topic: Is CCTV surveillance helping to reduce crime or is it affecting the people’s privacy in public spaces?


What does privacy means? “Privacy can be defined as ‘that area of a man’s life which, in any given circumstances, a reasonable man with an understanding of the legitimate needs of the community would think it wrong to invade” (Aquilina, 2010). For example, when people walk on street or play in parks, shop in a public market place, study or talk on phone in public library, they want it to be free in doing all this. However, if the people find them being monitored on CCTV cameras, they feel it uncomfortable to stay in that environment anymore. On one hand, the government is taking advantage of
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Secondly, in Birmingham robbery decreased before installation and then increased to even higher levels afterward. Wounding and assault rates remained consistent although vehicle thefts declined. Those who used the city centre at night were less fearful. But same as the case in New Castle Upon Tyne due some undisciplined people burglaries rose after few months. It was seen like people of Birmingham were losing faith in the effects of CCTVs. Lastly, In King’s Lynn vehicle crime and burglary were significantly reduced. Wounding and assault began to decrease prior to installation and then began to rise again afterward. “Massive investment in CCTV cameras to prevent crime in the UK has failed to have a significant impact, despite billions of pounds spent on the new technology. Only 3% of street robberies in London were solved using CCTV images, despite the fact that Britain has more security cameras than any other country in Europe (Bowcott, 2008)”. It was clearly seen that in these three towns advantages of CCTV surveillance outweigh their negative impact. Lastly, if we go on counting, there can be many misuses done using CCTV surveillance. For example, it is not safe for women to use changing room in the store or in the mall since there is a threat of been visualized or been video recorded through the hidden CCTV cameras fitted illegally by the store owners to make ‘Changing Room Scandals’ on women. Another misuse of CCTV surveillance in office is

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