Is Cheating At School Getting Out Of Control?

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Nhi Pham
Professor Genetti
ENGL 1101
3 December 2015
Is Cheating At School Getting Out of Control? The clock is ticking at 1:00am and Joe is sitting in front of his computer trying to study for his Math test. “The test will be tomorrow at 7am. I don 't understand any of this. I can’t even remember the formulas. What should I do?” Joe thought. But, why is he doing this at the last minute? Was it because of the addicting game “Battle Front” that he could not get enough of? Or, was it maybe because his girlfriend wanted to hangout yesterday? No matter how much he tried to makeup excuses for his actions, he knew that he was going to fail the test tomorrow. “There is only one way right now,” Joe said in determination. He started cutting out small pieces of paper and wrote down formulas in tiny handwriting. Yes, he is going to cheat. Cheating has become a serious and growing problem in school nowadays, especially in high schools. According to a survey in 1998, of 20,829 middle and high school students conducted by the Josephson Institute of Ethics, 70% of high school students and 54% of middle school students have admitted to cheating. The same survey was conducted in 1996 and the number was 64%. The percentage increased by 6% in just two years. How about now? Is there any improvement of this problem? According to the article “Academic Dishonesty: Are More Students Cheating?” by Dorothy Jones in 2011, 92% of students said to have or know someone who had cheated. Why has…

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