Is Cheating Ever Justified?

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Is cheating ever justified? Some people tend to think that it is okay to cheat under any circumstance. If they are participating in sports, trying to pass a test, or in their personal relationships. One thing that people do not remember when in these situations is that the object they are seeking may not replace what they are loosing.

First, when we participate in sporting events the object of course is to win, but at what cost? Athletes spend time effort and energy to become the best at their event as they can. The need to win, be the best, this can override the consciousness of what is right. Winning is important but not at the expense of ones name or ones word of truth. Once a mans word is lost it is hard to regain.

Second, people cheat on tests in school. They may not realize at the time that by doing this, they are cheating themselves out of their own education. Is the passing grade what is really important, or is it the knowledge they have deprived themselves of? Cheating does not increase their knowledge or make them a better person. What they don't realize is that once they enter their career they won't have the knowledge they need to do their work successfully.
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This type of cheating is devastating to both the people in the relationship The person cheating may believe that no one will find out, however, that is usually not the case. Especially since they know what they did. Cheating has long term affects on trust and communication in all future relationships. Other people can be affected by the cheating, friends, family members and coworkers.

In conclusion, Is cheating ever justified? As you can see, cheating is never a good answer for getting what you want. It doesn't help athletes, students or people in relationships. All cheating does is complicate peoples lives, and take away what every person needs to feel fulfilled, their honesty in their word as a human
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