Is Chevron's Security Vulnerabilities Associated With SCADA?

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1. Seismic imaging is the process of synthesizing the wealth of subsurface information available from reflection seismic experiments by recording ambient sound with an array of geophones distributed at the surface. It is a tool that bounces sound waves off underground rock structures to reveal possible crude oil and natural gas. The geophones are used to record the sound waves where they echo within the earth. Petroleum geologists seek to calculate the depth and structures of buried geologic formations based on these echoes. It helps them identify oil and gas bearing reservoirs hidden beneath the earth's surface. Chevron used their modeling and analytics to exploit deep water drilling and hydrocarbon extraction in areas with challenging geographies (Artman, 2005).

2. Ozturk and Aubin (2011) mention there are several security vulnerabilities associated with SCADA such as the networking of control systems where breaches in enterprise security can arise if appropriate security controls are not put in place for both networks. Insecure remote connections,
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