Is Childhood A Uniform Global Experience?

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Is Childhood a uniform global experience?

Childhood can be defined as many things, a time of growing up and for the majority a happy time filled with imagination and laughter. However, this is not always the case for all. Depending on where you are in the world your childhood will be different, not everybody’s childhood is the same it varies on where you live, the time you live in and whom you live with. It would seem that the idea of 2.4 children with a mother father and two children is rarity these days this could be due to the economic climate and the cost of bringing up children is putting people off having children so many are becoming families with one child.
Thus being the case the childhood one would experience as an only child would be completely different to the childhood being bought up with siblings. The parents would have more time for the 1 child than what they would for having 2 or 3 children. Parenting styles also play a big part of childhood the way a parent brings up a child up will usually stay with them and sometimes influence on how that child (or children) would bring up their offspring.
There are 4 main Parenting styles according to these are: The Authoritive parent- A parent who are usually affectionate they frequently engage with their child they are firm and set limits and enforce consequences, this usually leads to a happy child who are more likely to be responsible and kind.
Authoritarian Parent – These types of parents are…
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