Is Chipotle A Socially Responsible Organization? Why Or Why Not?

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1. Is Chipotle a socially responsible organization? Why or why not?
When an organization partakes in “proactive behavior…for the benefit of society,” it is deemed as socially responsible (P. 155). However, prior to labeling a organization as socially responsible, it is important that we first identify what specific elements of proactive behavior constitute a socially responsible business. To begin, for an organization to be considered socially responsible on the highest level, it must take a proactive approach to doing business. This is defined as “[taking a] approach to social responsibility in which an organization goes beyond industry norms to solve and prevent problems” (P.155). In addition, it is standard for a socially responsible organization to incorporate a larger scope of stakeholders, to include external stakeholders, in their business decisions to create positive externalities, and mitigate negative ones, to benefit society as a whole. Utilizing this knowledge, we can determine whether the actions of Chipotle qualify it as a socially responsible organization. In studying Chipotle, one would can acknowledge multiple practices that qualify as abiding by the standards of a socially responsible business. Chipotle has made a commitment to provide healthy food ingredients, purchased from local farms that practice humane husbandry, and seeks to execute business in the most environment-friendly means possible (Chipotle). Chipotle has gone beyond industrial norms, and

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