Is Christopher Columbus A Good Man?

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I have learned a lot about our History this semester. Much more than I have learned through all my years in public school. It is crazy to see just how skewed the information that we were taught throughout our lives is. Our History classes lacked genuine information about our History, we were really taught only what they wanted us to know and not exactly what had happened in the past. This semester we talked about many subjects that our education system has failed to talk about accurately. For example we talked about Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims, Slavery, the Civil War, the Progressives, the Gilded Age, World War II, the Cold War and The Vietnam War. With each topic we each would talk about what we thought about the topic before discussing it as a whole. For example what we thought of when we heard the word Native American or Indian. Before this class my thought about some of the topics was that Christopher Columbus was a good man that had founded America and that the Progressive era and Gilded Age were a good time in History. But oh boy was I wrong! Maybe it is true that Christopher Columbus “found” America, but he was not the first to land there (Class Notes). There were at least a dozen, maybe more, groups of people that had travelled to the Americas (Class Notes). Of course Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims could be referred to as the founders because they started to make America what it is today, but by force of course (Class Notes). Unintentional rhyming.
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