Is Christopher Nolan A Modern Hollywood Auteur?

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Following the release of his movie, Inception, The Guardian ran an article comparing Christopher Nolan to famed Hollywood auteur, Stanley Kubrick. Most readers subsequently reacted negatively to the article’s central premise. However, The Guardian’s readers concurrently began pondering another question: is Christopher Nolan a modern Hollywood auteur? According to many scholastic sources, Nolan should not even be considered for auteur status. Most of these naysayers point out that six of his eight feature films have been remakes, adaptations, or film franchises. However, upon closer examination, Christopher Nolan expresses a level of artistic continuity and control throughout his body of work that qualifies him for auteur status. This consistency and control is apparent in the composition of his workshop and in his plot themes and mise-en-scene. In auteur theory, a director must express control over the industrial process of film production in order to be considered a true auteur. Christopher Nolan controls his workshop in two ways: by taking on several roles in the filmmaking process and by maintaining personnel consistency over time. Nolan notoriously not just directs his films but also frequently writes or co-writes his scripts. In fact, Nolan has had at least a part in writing each of his films with the exception of Insomnia. Nolan also frequently produces his own films – often in collaboration with his wife and/or brother. In addition, Nolan maintains the

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