Is Cincinnatus Saves Rome?

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Jordan Kramer Professor Santelli HIS 101 30 November 2015 Essay 2: Cincinnatus 1. The passage I have chosen to write about is Cincinnatus Saves Rome. The title of the original source is Ab Urbe Condita, or commonly translated as The History of Rome, which was written by Livy. This project, created around 25 BCE, consisted of a series of books in which Roman history was discussed. These books covered historical events dating all the way back to the construction of Rome. This piece represents the perspective of early Romans and was used as an example of what it meant to be a good Roman citizen. During the fifth century BCE, which was when the story of Cincinnatus took place, the Romans were under attack by the Aequi. Rome was in a state of turmoil and Cincinnatus, as a temporary Dictator, was their only hope. 2. Chaos struck Rome during the fifteenth century BCE. After much contemplation, the Romans decided the only way for them to defeat their enemies was to name Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus as dictator. Although at the time he was working and living on a small farm, he put on his toga and assumed his position after hearing the Senate’s instructions to protect his country. There was a ceremony for him in which he was treated very well by most, but the commoners were not pleased with him. They feared his immense power and the way in which he was most likely going to use it. After completing his duties and defending Rome against the attacks of the Aequi, he resigned his

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