Is Civilization the Answer to the Chaos?

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As Mark Twain once said, “Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities.” The society believes that civilization is the solution to disorder and chaos, but sometimes it creates more problems than solutions. To the imperial Europeans, turning the natives into civilized human beings was the main goal, and that is why they felt as if it was their job to take over the natives’ lands. In general, civilization is seen as a solution to a utopian realm. William Shakespeare in The Tempest and Michel de Montaigne in Of Cannibals narrow their focus on the idea of “nature vs. civilization.” Both authors discuss the idea of how nature is replaced by civilization and the outcome is not as expected. Shakespeare portrays the idea of Caliban’s nature being wiped away by Prospero, who thinks his knowledge is the best weapon he has so he should be the one to control the island. Montaigne, on the other hand, discusses how the natives are better off by sticking to their nature than being civilized because the Western society does not realize that it is barbaric also. William Shakespeare, in The Tempest, writes about Prospero who has the ability to manipulate things by using magic. He and his daughter now live in this island with a slave named Caliban. Prospero has taken over the island and decided to control everything. He can manipulate everyone and everything. He thinks having a lot of knowledge makes him the leader of the island. Prospero’s hunger for power comes

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