Is Classic Novels Be Adapted Into Successful Modern Movies?

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Amanda Lockhart Ms. Solomon English 1020-003 17 October 2016 Can Classic Novels be Adapted into Successful Modern Movies? Emma’s Clueless About Clueless I. My audience for my research paper is people attending a pop culture conference. The movie Clueless is based on ‘90’s pop culture, even though the movie is based on Jane Austen’s Emma which is over a century old. My audience will be people who are interested in learning more about whether or not classic books can be adapted into successful movies set in a more modern time period. II. Film is a major part of American culture. It’s something that Americans see every day, multiple times a day. And increasingly over the past few years film adaptations of literature have increased in popularity. Film adaptations of literature are usually a hit or miss when it comes to how good the adaptation is. I researched a specific movie adaptation Clueless, which is adapted from Jane Austen’s Emma, and compared it to another film adaptation of Emma that was a completely different style. The 1996 version of Emma follows the novel far more closely than Clueless does; Clueless is a modernized adaptation set in the 1990’s. The two adaptations are polar opposites, and surprisingly Clueless is the more successful out of the two. My research encompassed why and how Clueless was the more successful adaptation when it was the least like the original novel. From my research I concluded that to create a successful adaptation, a director does not

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