Is Climate Change Real?

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Is Climate Change Real? Global warming, or what is now called climate change, is caused by the sunlight coming through the Earth’s atmosphere, containing greenhouse gasses, and becoming cemented between the Earth’s crust and Ozone layer. This causes an uncontrollable heating in the territory between them (“Global Warming Science”). “Even though these greenhouse gases hold the heat from the sun the greenhouse effect is what keeps the Earth’s temperature suitable for life. Without the greenhouse effect Earth would be frozen and no one would be able to live on it” (“Global Warming- Britannica”). Many people believe that climate change is a myth and that it is not true due to the consequences are too harsh for a normal person to think of, the…show more content…
A second study states “Although some records are available from the 1600s and 1700s , systematic measurements of climate began in the mid-1800s. The data include measurements of surface temperature over land and the oceans, precipitation amounts, sea-ice extents, and global sea levels. Since the 1970s, satellite studies have provided additional data on temperature trends at Earth’s surface and through the layers of the atmosphere” (“Global Warming- Britannica”). The second source backs up the first source with exact quantitative data about changes in the first. (See pictures on page 6-7 ). The first topic of the United Nation’s Climate Change 2014 Synthesis Report is “Observed Changes and their Cause” which states “Each of the last three decades has been successively warmer at the Earth’s surface than any preceding decade since 1850” (“United Nations” pg 7). These three sources prove, through scientific observational facts, that the climate of the Earth’s surface is changing very rapidly, therefore, proving that through conclusive science the topic of climate changer is accurate. But Mr. John Coleman, Co-Founder of the Weather Channel, calls the topic of climate change “bologna” (“CNN”) or untrue. He also states that “there is no significant climate change” (“CNN”), but what Mr. Coleman lacked is that the climate change is not significant but is very subtle. Mr. Coleman infact is a scientist himself
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