Is Cohabitation Or Not?

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1. Is cohabitation more similar to being married or to being single? What do you think?
I believe that cohabitation is similar to being casually dating or friends with benefits. When you are cohabitating, you may be in a committed relationship but there is always the option to leave when things get tough or you lose interest. There is no binding relationship that requires a man and woman to stay together. When you get married, you make an oath before God to love and cherish your partner with endearments such as, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, etc. And you make that commitment before God, your family and your friends. You are entering a relationship for life. You are committing to love that person for all your days
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But when we were married, I remember coming home from our honeymoon just so excited to begin sharing every part of my life with him. I still love that to this day! I believe because we didn’t live together before we were married, our time after we were married was so much more precious, emotionally and intimately. I would say that my parents helped to influence that decision. They never lived together before they were married and neither did Adam’s parents. Also, I would say as Christians, that influenced our decision to not live together until we were married.
3a. Are there laws and regulations that permit or restrict the practice of cohabitation in the country?
According to the Huffington Post (2016), there is a law which was created in 1868 that prohibited cohabitation. It was a stage two misdemeanor for two people to be living together. In April of 2016, Florida repealed this law. Florida was the 48th state to repeal this law. However, there are still two states who prohibit cohabitation, Missouri and Mississippi. The interesting thing about the law is that it does not apply to homosexual couples because of the wording. Here is the law, “The law made it a second-degree misdemeanor for an unmarried man and woman to “lewdly and lasciviously associate and cohabit together” (para. 2). Also, how does the government find out if someone is cohabitating or just roommates? It is a hard law to determine
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