Is Cole In Rajadas Right To Kill

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We are all the protagonist of our own story. We struggle to do the right things and we believe that our reasons are just. But does this mean that serial killers who murder those who remind them of someone who has angered them are justified in their actions? To them it can be but the rest of society does not always agree. Does a person who was too busy to study for a test have the right to cheat off of someone else on a test? If I were to give the person questioned information that that person was out partying the night before then most people would agree that this would not be acceptable conduct. If I were to say instead that said person had been too busy taking care of a sick family member then there would be some who change their answer as to acceptability of the act.…show more content…
Is Cole in Bajadas right or wrong for running over the "fucking Indian" who was "drunk as hell" and sleeping on the road? This would not be an excuse accepted by most juries as it doesn’t fall into the categories of self defense, temporary insanity, or any of the other categories that allow murderers to evade jail
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