Is College Degree Necessary Or Not?

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There would be huge differences of opinion among people when asked if a college degree is necessary or not. This is because, it is a very open-ended question as the parameters of success differs from person to person. Moreover, different people have different ambitions in life. For some, being wealthy is success while for others stability in life may be success. Some may consider being famous to be a critical parameter for success. A college degree does not necessarily guarantee your success, though in most cases, it has helped people achieve their goals. It is not advisable to go for a college degree unless one really believes the degree would be of any value to an individual. There 's a lot of investment involved in education these days and it is undoubtedly a big decision for the parents to send their child to college for further education. There are a lot of questions to be answered before determining whether one wants to pursue college or not, such as - Why do you want to pursue college education? Is it only because everyone else goes to college? Is it because that 's where the good parties are? What will you owe monetarily when you finish? What will your future job prospects be? What 's your academic interest? How well does the college address that? If the answers to these questions really excite one should go to college for further studies, they should. But there are high chances that one can pursue their academic interest even without going to college. One can
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