Is College Education A Tax Policy Program? Essay

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Graduating from college is such a huge accomplishment in people’s lives. They have worked hard to earn their degrees, dealt with all those stress and struggles from the day to day challenges of college. After all those sleepless nights, they finally walk up to receive their diplomas and take in a big sigh. Everything in life will be better now. A college education is going to make their lives easier by taking all the previous burden away, leading them to establish themselves and save for the future with an early start. THIS should be the reality, the outcome after graduating. Unfortunately, unless people come from a rich family or gained a rare full ride to college, the realities of the aftermath are not that bright. Because almost all students can’t afford to attend college, the consumption of student loans comes back to haunt them in the end. Since the government is not doing anything to fix this problem to help relieve people of student loan debt, every employment companies should establish a tax policy program for their employees to reduce their debt. Every year, the consumption of student loans keeps on increasing. Students are put into helpless positions to afford a college education. Since it’s a necessity for almost all students, the problem of the consumption of student loans may not be fixed as a whole. Borrowing loans will always be a necessity. The government does not provide enough grants and support for postsecondary education, even though they gain benefits
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